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Many fans have expressed interest in subscriptions to our chips - mainly because after they ravage through their stash of Shima chips, they fall into deep depression, black out, and forget to place another order until their cravings over come them to place another 12 bag order several months later. Welp - we've come up with a solution. Forget no more - we'll tee you up with monthly deliveries so you don't have to remember!

Shima Friend (tier 1): $22.80 + cost of shipping
-2 Bags of Chips/Month (5% off a bag)

Shima Homie (tier 2): $45.60
-4 Bags of Chips/Month (5% off a bag)
-Free Shipping

Shima Lover (tier 3): $88.32
-8 Bags of Chips/Month (8% off a bag)
-Free Shipping