Shima's Jerky Chips is a passion project born from the love of travel and an experiment with an heirloom dehydrator. Marc Shimamoto, maker and founder of Shima’s Jerky Chips, loves to travel. And like most wanderlust travelers, seeking delicious foods that surprise and delight is a priority for Marc.

In 2012, while visiting family in Hawaii, Marc discovered an interesting type of local beef jerky. This jerky had a fun, modern twist - it was thin and crunchy! Marc loved the taste and texture; was an instant fan — so much so that he tried to order the snack when he was back on the mainland. As it turned out, the Pacific Ocean posed a big challenge and the expensive cost and extensive time it would take to get his mail-order chips weighed heavily on him. Then he rediscovered his late grandmother’s old dehydrator. Her hobby of making dried fruits and vegetables gave Marc an idea. What if he made his own jerky chips instead? That was the beginning of the story; he is far from the end! Today, with easy access, Bay Area locals and an increasing multitude of fans across the country are enjoying these protein packed umami flavored beef crisps on a regular basis.



Founder and maker of Shima's Jerky Chips, began his journey to perfecting his jerky chips in 2012 during his travel and exploration for delicious food. After several iterations, adjustments, and input of making the jerky chips for friends and family, Marc finally felt like he had the perfect chip to share with the rest of the world and here lies the launch of Shima’s in 2016.


Met Marc through her sister, Sharon, and brother-in-law, Kenji (Marc’s college friend and frat brother), and fell in love with the jerky chip when Marc first snapped open the gallon ziplock bag and offered her a sample. It was as if all her dreams came true in that one chip - low carb, high protein, tasty and guilt-free (baked and not fried!). Hazel wanted to bring the chip to market and here we are...since 2016 bringing joy to carnivores tastebuds.